SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (SAP FSCM) suite of modules and applications offers a solution to improve your AR procedures; SAP Financial Supply Chain Management offers functionality that allows you to handle your financial supply chain and cash flow cycle better. It gives features for automated payment, handling billing credit risk management and disputes, collections management. SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (B-FSCM) optimizes the economic and information flows in just a company and between business partners.

Course objectives

  • Understand the Advantages and features of SAP FSCM and its components
  • Understand the architecture options, functions and integration options of SAP FSCM modules
  • How to implement the SAP FSCM components
  • Deep understanding of SAP Credit Management, Dispute Management Collections Management and Biller Direct.

Course curriculum

Module 1: SAP FSCM Overview

  • SAP FSCM Business Processes Introduction
  • Integration with FI Overview

Module 2: SAP Biller Direct (FIN-FSCM-BD)

  • FIN-FSCM-BD Business Processes
  • Display and Delete Customer Action Logs
  • Customer Portal Administration
  • Create Customer Notifications
  • Activities of the Bill Receiver

Module 3: Configuration of FIN-FSCM-BD

  • Credit Card settings
  • Payment Methods, Partial Payment
  • Business AddIns

Module 4: SAP Colle ctions Management

  • SAP AR and FSCM Collection
  • FIN-FSCM-COL Business Processes
  • My worklist and Supervisor Worklist
  • Evaluation and Confirmation of Promise to Pay

Module 5: FIN-FSCM-COL Configuration

  • Basic Settings
  • Make Settings in Accounting
  • Define Company Codes
  • Business Partner Settings
  • Integration with FIN AR and FSCM DM

Module 6: SAP Credit Management

  • FIN-FSCM-CR Business Processes
  • Master data
  • List Displays \96 Credit Profile

Module 7: Configuration of FIN-FSCM-CR

  • Master data \96 Credit segments
  • Credit Risk Monitoring Settings
  • Incorporation with AR accounting
  • AR \96 Credit Segment, Recon Accts

Module 8: SAP Dispute Management

  • FIN-FSCM-DM Business Processes
  • Document Changes through Dispute Cases
  • Dispute Case Regular Processor

Module 9: FIN-FSCM-DM Configuration

  • Dispute Case Processing
  • Create RMS ID
  • Create customer specific functions
  • Case Types and Correspondence
  • Workflow and Process Integration Settings