SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) supports you in all activities connected with the physical transportation of goods from one location to another. You can use SAP TM to perform the following activities, for example:

  • Create forwarding orders for your ordering parties
  • Transfer orders and deliveries from an ERP system
  • Create freight bookings
  • Plan the transportation and select carriers
  • Tender transportation services
  • Dispatch and monitor the transportation
  • Calculate the transportation charges for both the ordering party and the supplier side
  • Consider foreign trade and dangerous goods regulations

You can use SAP TM to create and monitor an efficient transportation plan that fulfills the relevant constraints (for example, service level, costs, and resource availability). You can determine options to save costs and to optimize the use of available resources. You can react to transportation events and find solutions to possible deviations from the original transportation plan.

Course Content

Introduction to Transport Management

  • Introduction to SAP TM
  • TM 8.0 Focus
  • TM 8.1 Focus
  • TM 9.0 Focus
  • TM 9.1 Focus
  • Limitation of LE-TRA
  • NWBC and SAP GUI
  • TM Landscape and Architecture
  • TM Processes and Scenarios
  • SAP TM End to End – Standard Process Flow
  • FTL V/s LTL
  • Truck Load V/s Intermodal
  • Single Pick Single Drop V/s Multi Pick Multi Drop Scenarios
  • Master Data Core Interface
  • Generate and Activate Integration Models
  • Repeat Generation and Activation of IMs
  • Change Transfer – Online
  • CIF Customers, Vendors, Carriers, Plant, Shipping Point, Materials
  • Hands-on Exercise

Organizational Units in SAP TM

  • Enterprise Structure in SAP ECC
  • Enterprise Structure in SAP TM
  • Business Partner Creation for TM Org Units
  • Assignment of Business Partners and Org Units
  • Hands-on Exercise

Transportation Relevant Master data in SAP TM

  • Means and Mode of Transport
  • Location Master
  • Transportation Lanes
  • Transportation Zones
  • Vehicle Resource
  • Hands-on Exercise

ECC Sales Order Integration

  • Relevant Business Functions
  • Config Behind Sales Order Integration
  • Service Interfaces Choreography
  • Understanding XML Message for Analysis and Errors
  • Hands-on Exercise

ECC PO/STO Integration

  • Relevant Business Functions
  • Config Behind PO/STO Integration (Inter/Intra company)
  • Service Interfaces Choreography
  • Understanding XML Message for Analysis and Errors
  • Hands-on Exercise

Transportation Requests in SAP TM

  • Personal Object Work Lists
  • Transportation Request Types
  • Understanding Order Based Transportation Requirement
  • OTR Type Determination
  • OTR Type Control Data
  • Hands-on Exercise

Freight Units in SAP TM

  • Freight Unit Building Rule – Strategies
  • FU Type Control Data
  • Hands-on Exercise

Conditions in SAP TM

  • Condition Types
  • Data Access Definitions
  • Relationship between Condition type and data access definition
  • Create Condition using “BRF Plus Decision Table” Technique
  • Create Condition using “Direct BO Access” Technique
  • Hands-on Exercise

ECC Outbound Delivery Integration

  • Relevant Business Function
  • Config Behind Outbound Delivery Integration
  • Service Interfaces Choreography
  • DTR Type Determination
  • Impact on DTR FU on OTR FU
  • Hands-on Exercise

Transportation Planning

  • Understanding Transportation cockpit
  • Selection and Planning profiles
  • Planning in SAP TM
  • Hands-on Exercise

Freight order Management

  • Freight Order Types
  • Understanding SAP TM Freight Order
  • Freight Order in 2PLs Scenario and Impact on TM process
  • Freight Order For 3PLs Scenario and Impact on TM process
  • Freight Order with Multiple Service Providers
  • Hands-on Exercise

Charge Calculation On SAP TM

  • Freight/Forwarding Agreement
  • Transportation Charge Calculation Sheets
  • Rate tables
  • Scales
  • Scale base and Calculation Base
  • Agreements
  • Charge category, Subcategory and Charge types
  • Use of templates
  • Charge Calculation Profiles
  • Hands-on Exercise

Supplier Freight Invoice Request(TM 8.0 and onwards)

  • SFIR Standard Process
  • Creating the FSD from FO
  • Creating the FSD from POWL
  • Partial FSD
  • Collective FSD
  • Post Accruals in SAP ERP
  • Invoice Verification
  • Configuration Required
  • Service Interfaces Choreography
  • Hands-on Exercise

Scenario Run – Shippers’ Basic Process FTL

  • SO < OTR < FU < Planning < FO < Charge Calc < SFIR < Accruals Posting < MIRO

Queries handling; SAP TM Implementation basics

  • Process Flow: TM 8.1 Basic Vanila process – 3PL Scenarios (FWO < Charge Calc < FU < Planning < CFIR < Customer Billing